Support Best powerful hosting solution, High storage virtual servers For enquireies you can always mail to the IKG IT Ticket ikgit at

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We offer Wordpress, Internet, GIS Servers, Cloud Solutions, Backup, Security Solutions and Managed IT Services for small projects and also for high traffic productive servers.  We work together with our colleages from the large in-house IT departement and are nimble and responsive to serve even the smallest clients.

Just open up a ikgit ticket.

You can reach your server over ssh/rdp or log in the vcenter to reach the console or power off / on your machine.

As an IKG staff or student member the services are for free, if your on a project, please contact us for details about ressource planning.

The machines are saved entirely and can be restored from various restore points, please ask for special backup plans.

  • ETH Zurich - Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation.

    - Claudia, on service -
  • Cartography projects realized with chosen platform on premise and reliable.

    - Remo, main programmer -
  • GIS applications need rapid prototypes on flexible and elastic infrastructure.

    - Henry, doctoral student -
Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation GIS and Web Server Hosting